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Hug an Atheist, a documentary film about atheism in the USA, dispelling the myths and untruths following ordinary American atheists on their journey through life.

Despite being founded in 1776 on the basis of religious freedom, America has long shunned the atheists in its population. As this group grows and becomes more vocal, many people have started to doubt the stereotypes pushed forward by various media and social groups. Hug an Atheist is a documentary film featuring ordinary and well-known atheists. It refrains from polarising the population and debate into religion versus atheism, but highlights instead how atheists go through life. How do atheists deal with moments in life during which religion provides guidance and strength to its adherents? Where do they find morals, hope and love? How do they raise children? How do they grieve? In the film, these topics and related others are discussed with ordinary atheists and are put into the more general context and thinking of their community.